Kimberlite Diamond Attends China International Consumer Products Expo in Hainan


  Between May 7 and May 10, 2021, some of China's most respected brands gathered at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center to showcase products featuring marine elements and the "tropical" environment as part of the China International Consumer Products Expo. Kimberlite Diamond, one of China's well-known diamond brands and vice president of the Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, accepted an invitation and made a dazzling appearance at the venue, where the company displayed a wide range of fashion and high jewelry, including the "Guardian" and "Beauty of Seasonality" series.


  The China International Consumer Products Expo is China's first national-level exhibition that is themed by excellent consumer products. The Expo has major influence across the globe. Thousands of leading enterprises and top brand companies in the area of consumer products from over 69 countries and regions were invited to the event in a bid to showcase the remarkable outcomes China's brands have achieved in the exploration of brand incubation, innovative brand marketing, and new consumption modes. The presence of Kimberlite Diamond speaks volumes about its confidence towards China's economy and the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, and has also responded to the commitment Kimberlite Diamond has made to Chinese consumers.


Distinctive exhibition area: countless highlights win a round of applause


  The 360-degree open-plan exhibition hall attracts guests to come. In the center of the exhibition area, round jewelry showcases with dazzling jewelry series displayed inside make a splash. The mystique of the brown space lures guests into probing its mysteries.



▲ Kimberlite Diamond's showcases featuring a brand-new style

  Kimberlite Diamond's 50-carat "Before Time" premiered at the event, catching the eyes of many guests. Kimberlite Diamond officially launched the "50-Carat Diamond Global Design" Competition in February 10, 2019. The competition lasted for over 5 months, and finally had the best work among hundreds of excellent works created by global designers and amateur designers—"Before Time", which perfectly matches the resplendence of the 50-carat diamond.


  The total weight of the work is 584.54 grams, with the pear-shaped central diamond weighing 51.71 carats and rating a D for color and FL for clarity, both the highest standard for diamond quality. The central diamond emanates pure and dazzling light against the two butterflies, resembling the closed eyes of the serene god. The artistic design manifests Kimberlite Diamond's glory and is a tribute to 26 years of its achievements, foreshadowing a rosy future for the brand.


▲The top prize winning work of the "50-Carat Diamond Global Design" competition: "Before Time"

Exquisite craftsmanship: high jewelry embarks on a splendid journey

  The space is designed with aesthetic elements, fostering a cozy atmosphere permeated with both grandeur and romance.


▲ Mr. Dong Bo, CEO of the Kimberlite Diamond Group (left) and Kimberlite Diamond's design director Ms. Huang Wei (right)

  The high jewelry from the "Guardian" series and the "Beauty of Seasonality" series incorporates ethnic culture into modern design, conveying the thoughts on the relationship among human, animals, and nature. This showcases Kimberlite Diamond's remarkable design and innovation capability. Its unique aesthetic dazzles the diamond jewelry exhibition area.


▲ The "Beauty of Seasonality" high jewelry series


▲ The "Guardian" high jewelry series

  The design of "Beauty of Seasonality” high jewelry series was inspired by the 24 periods in the Chinese lunar-solar calendar and enthusiastically embraced a playful experimentation with their meanings and implications, building up to a relaxed longing for harmony and mutual symbiosis between humanity and nature. It captures the flashing light and shadow as well as rich colors spanning the 4 seasons to create remarkable jewelry. The high jewelry drawing inspiration from the 24 periods coupled with the distinctive design of the exhibition hall embarks on an enchanting journey.


▲ "Awakening Leaves" from the "Beauty of Seasonality" series


▲ "Icicle Blooms" from the "Beauty of Seasonality" series

  The "Guardian" theme series high jewelry is inspired by rare and endangered animals such as red-crowned cranes, arowanas, white-fin dolphins, South China tigers, pangolins and Tibetan antelope. It captures their most representative elements through the depiction of wings, fins and meandering figures. Here, these become a series of adorable, playful animal images that signify the steadfast spirit of the guardian through the everlasting beauty and quality of diamonds.


▲ "Leaping Skylark" from the "Guardian" series


▲ " First Sight" from the "Guardian" series


▲ "Dancing Arowana" from the "Guardian" series

Masterpiece Collection: Kimberlite Diamond stands in the spotlight of fashion

  Kimberlite Diamond presented several pieces of high jewelry as part of the Expo theme of "Hainan, Pioneer of China's Opening-up." The pieces, which showcase the timeless fascination of luxury and beauty, emanate brilliance and light through their virtuoso craftsmanship.



  Popular products drew the attention of visitors. The "Beautiful U" series, designed to highlight feminine strength and elegance, the "Knot" series, featured with its distinctive designs, and the "Dancing Love" series, imbued with blessings in a masterful blend of art and skill, were a feast for the eyes.


  Adhering to the commitment of high-quality diamond, Kimberlite Diamond has spared nothing to satisfy women's demand for fashion and beauty with beautiful, emotive jewelry. Thus, Kimberlite Diamond conveys its belief in quality, elegance, fashion and art by inspiring forward-oriented trends and providing superb, international-level products for a wide range of preferences. The China International Consumer Products Expo is a starting point for Kimberlite Diamond and will witness the flamboyant makeover of the brand. 

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