Brand Culture
Focus on diamond, be a diamond artist;
Based in China, open eyes to the world.
Corporate Positioning
Create world first class diamonds.
Build century - old classic brand.
Corporate Vision
Brand Story

Between May 7 and May 10, 2021, Kimberlite Diamond, one of China's well-known diamond brands and vice president of the Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, accepted an invitation and made a dazzling appearance at the venue, where the company displayed a wide range of fashion and high jewelry, including the "Guardian" and "Beauty of Seasonality" series.

Feature film
Dancing Love Series
Floral Growth
Sparkling Star Series
The Knot - Anniversary Series
Sparkling Love Series
Faces of Femininity
Eternal Love Series
Tune into Love
New 2019 Autumn & Winter “Love Melody” Themed Product Line
Song of Myself
The “Love • Melody” Series
The Anniversary Knot Series
Infinity Journey
Infinity Gift - Lovely Song
Infinity Gift Festival Series with New Diamond Ornaments
Our Story Series F/W Wedding Ring

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