2021 Dancing Love Series of Wedding Rings Makes Dazzling Market Debut


There are a thousand and one kinds of love,

including the wonder of falling in love at first sight,

and the surging happiness that never fades.


  Love is ever-changing, just like all kinds of dances, the dreamy and beautiful waltz, the noble and elegant ballet, the passionate tango, joyous and brisk jazz dance... The Dancing Love series of wedding rings integrate skirt elements to express love's thousands of manifestations.



  Ballet Wedding Ring,through the elements of the ballet skirt, we condense the elegant figure flying in the air into a bright diamond ring. The fluttering skirt is not only beautiful, the elegant and graceful ballet duo perfectly presents the purity and nobility of love.



  Jazz Wedding Ring,using the cloak element on skirts, this series is reminiscent of a lively and agile jazz duet, with a refined dynamic of 18K gold and diamonds that perform a relaxed and humorous melody of love.



  Tango WeddingRing,the flowing 18K gold arc curve is like a swaying tango dance step skirt. The light of diamonds is more striking in the revolving movement, and love is as romantic and joyful as tango.



  Waltz Wedding Ring,just like the unique shape of a lace skirt, this series sets off the dazzling brilliance of the main stone. The ring band is elegant and three-dimensional, and a waltzing pair expresses the dream and beauty of love.

The Crown Series II is now available at all major franchise stores/counters.

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