2021 Floral Growth series, release the romantic atmosphere of spring and summer!


Follow your inner choices and become your dazzling self.


  The Floral Growth series perfectly blends floral symbols and geometric lines, opposing and harmonious, rational and soft, that are intended to express the personality traits of remaining true to original aspirations and going forward courageously in the face of turbulent changes.

在自然界中,植物以有序的“数学语言”来诠释它们的神秘魅力。不仅是因为颜色好看,它们在花纹排列上也极具数学美感--天然生成的三角形、圆形、卵形及其它各类几何图形。这种来自大自然纷繁而复杂的图案,奇异而令人震惊。    1615865584955149nUCM.jpg      金伯利钻石2021花韵Floral Growth系列,将花卉符号与几何线条完美融合,对立而和谐,理性而柔美。    16158655092495073lUw.jpg    1615797500188340lfbb.jpg  金伯利钻石 花韵Floral Growth Ⅰ


Floral Growth Ⅰ

  The beautiful geometric symmetrical patterns change endlessly, and the diamonds gradually extend, symbolizing the awakening and growth of women. The youthful style and elegance are harmoniously blended, revealing a kind of quirky cuteness and refinement.

金伯利钻石 花韵Floral Growth Ⅱ


Floral Growth Ⅱ

  Inspired by the geometric texture of the multiple leaves of aloes, the scattered arrangement of diamonds has a mathematical beauty, expressing the mysterious charm of plants, and highlighting fashionable and avant-garde femininity.

金伯利钻石 花韵Floral Growth Ⅲ


Floral Growth Ⅲ

  Inspired by the circular pattern of pine cones, the series is complex and intricate. The diamonds are gathered at the center to show the confidence and boldness of women.


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