Kimberlite Diamond national style jewelry, the best embellishment in spring



Summer Dreams - Bracelet and Ring

  The solar period of Minor Heat, which is one of gradually building swelter, when people try to escape the heat by hiding in the shade of banana trees. This collection is made from 18-karat white gold and yellow gold, and a color separation process has been employed to create the image of banana leaves. Diamonds are inserted in between, shining like stars in the summer sky. Banana leaves are a symbol of midsummer, of resting in a tropical forest on a lazy midsummer afternoon and slowly falling into a sweet daydream. This is a very warm, fun, summery set.


Vale Orchids - Necklace

  The work is influenced by a painting of folding fans – Autumn Orchids with Buds, and has been designed with the element of orchids to express the integrity of persistence and the spirit of royalty. With diamonds, the necklace wholly represents the elegance and grace of the orchids; long straight leaves provide a metaphor for the graceful yet tragic elements of life like beautiful orchids growing alone in empty valleys. 


Fragrant Lotus in the Breeze - Necklace and Earrings

  "Lotus in the breeze is covered with fragrant dew in a crooked courtyard", is a verse depicting beautiful lotuses swaying in a green pond. The necklace, earrings and rings are designed in the natural shape of lotus leaves. The leaves crinkle like the rounded skirts of dancers. They dance through the pond, whirling around and lifting the skirts of leaves. Each leaf on the necklace is movable for a lively and elegant touch. The leaves can be taken apart and worn as brooches.


World in Bloom - Wristlet

  "Merely a quiet thought can make the world blossom." The work freezes the beautiful moments of flowers in bloom, making the flowers appear lifelike and enchanting. The diamonds laid between the petals stretch along the lines like dewdrops rolling away in the morning, symbolizing a love for nature and life.


Legend - a Pair of Brooches


  The pair of brooches is distinctive because it is not only the pair of lovers, but also the butterfly. The most interesting part is that every butterfly can quiver with the body. 


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