Kimberlite Diamond 2021 Evolution Series Makes Dazzling Market Debut


  There are thousands of ways to love, which can be permutated and combined, and they are ever-changing. The new products in the Kimberlite Diamond 2021 Evolution theme series, with a sense of mystery and ingenuity, interpret the philosophies of love through the reorganization and change of different elements, conveying a unique attitude of love.


Evolution of Romance series

Love is never an addition and subtraction

in permutations and combinations that are impossible guess.

In our predetermined fates, stick to your own direction.

  The Kimberlite Diamond Evolution of Romance series of rings explore the limits of the combination of design and diamonds in a fashionable and cool design. We use glittering symbols to convey endless love and a more independent, tolerant, and enlightened attitude.



  Love starts from the moment of meeting, and there is only a beginning, no end.



  Inspired by the trajectory of meteors across the sky, the diamond ring shines with a dazzling luster, bearing witness to the romantic moment in which the destiny of lovers is intertwined, and symbolizes the endless beauty and hope of love.



  As we depend on each other, yet each of us is free. Love exceeds the self.



  We use feathers, an element that represents freedom and beauty, so that the diamond ring shines but does not lose its softness and lightness, symbolizing mutual care and common growth in love.



  Two-way love, cosmic romance, with a heartbeat arrow that always faces you.



  Inspired by Cupid’s arrow, Eros’ arrow is transformed into a variety of shapes and is also the shape of a heart. The diamond ring symbolizes the motions of the heart and sweetness in love.



  Hand in hand for life, never apart, longing for the infinite in the same combinations with you.



  The closely interlocking chain, the primary design element, is like a tough bond between lovers. The diamond ring symbolizes the dependence and perfection in love, and serves as a blessing for love with the eternity of diamonds.


The Crown Series II is now available at all major franchise stores/counters.

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