Kimberlite Diamond Wins 2020 Bazaar Jewelry Award


  The silvery night of December 14th lifted the curtain on the 2020 Bazaar Jewelry festival in the Shanghai Powerlong Museum. Over a hundred celebrities, artists, brand spokesmen, and invited guests presented themselves, adding charm to the magnificent Shanghai Bund.



  Themed by “ART IS...”, this event is committed to shedding new light on jewelry, arts, and human life. The “punk pink”-carpeted-hall and the ingeniously designed art installations provided a visual feast to all participants, and the jewelry exhibition hall exclusively presented by Kimberlite Diamond was decorated with artistic elements that enticed visitors to stop and appreciate the display.



▲Kimberlite Diamond Distant Fragrance high jewelry


▲Kimberlite Diamond Gentle Breeze high jewelry


▲Kimberlite Diamond Leaping Skylark high jewelry

Stars dominated the red carpet

  The wintry weather did not lose the dazzling charms of the celebrities on the red carpet. The red carpet show set a tone for the 2020 Bazaar Jewelry festival and made that night phenomenal.

  In addition to the red carpet's dazzling parade of stars, also noteworthy was the exquisite jewelry on show which was uniquely tailored to the event's theme "ART IS...". Kimberlite Diamond has long been favored by celebrities and stars. Drawing on the resplendence of Kimberlite Diamond's jewelry, celebrities including Zhang Li, Cao Xiwen, Lou Yixiao, Bao Jianfeng took on a striking look.


▲Zhang Li wears a high jewelry from "The Knot" series


▲Lou Yixiao wears "The Spring Flower" matching sets


▲Cao Xiwen wears a high jewelry from "The Knot" series and the Leaping Skylark ring


▲Wang Ziwei wears a high jewelry from "The Knot" series


▲Bao Jianfeng wears the Dragon Head brooch and "The Knot" series Anniversary cufflink


▲Yan Xi wears the Wings of Dreams necklace


▲Li Jialong wears the Summer Day at the Mountain Pavilion ring

Dance performance in the name of wildlife protection

  The 2020 Bazaar Jewelry festival set punk pink as the theme color for the main venue, adding a splash of warmth and sweetness to this chilling winter. The dance show, given by the cast of the popular dance drama sleep no more, ended with bravos. The "Guardian" series high jewelry launched by Kimberlite Diamond in 2020 made a dazzling appearance. It is inspired by rare and endangered animals such as red-crowned cranes, arowanas, whitefin dolphins, South China tigers, pangolins, and Tibetan antelopes, and captured their prominent features through shapes such as wings, fins, and meandering figures. Here, these became a series of adorable, playful animal images that signify the steadfast spirit of the guardian through the eternal nature of diamonds.





A tribute to craftsmanship through eternal style

  That night, the most important jewelry awards of the year were also finally unveiled. The "Dancing Arowana" bracelet from the "Guardian" series, inspired by the Asian arowana, won the “Outstanding Jewelry Design of the Year” award for Kimberlite Diamond. The bracelet rippled with light as it won, dancing like a joyful a fish swimming freely in the water, which also demonstrated both the majesty of nature and a sense of carefree joy.


▲The “Dancing Arowana” bracelet wins the “Outstanding Jewelry Design of the Year” award for Kimberlite Diamond


▲The Vice President of Kimberlite Diamond Group, Wei Qinglin, accepts the award (fourth from left)


  The glittering jewelry has brought brilliance to the scene. Playing a constantly active role in fashion and art events and appreciating the value of arts, fashion, and beauty, Kimberlite Diamond will continue to dedicate itself to fashion-related fields and envision a rosy future.


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