New Arrivals! Kimberlite Diamond Sparkling Star Series for Christmas


  Sitting cozy by the fireplace on a white Christmas night, our hearts grow tender reminiscing about childhood memories of a gift-giver, who comes on a sleigh pulled by reindeer.


  Santa travels through forests and snow, with candies and gifts stacking on his sleighs, as the silvery night is resplendently lit up by the glowing stars and glittering diamonds.


  He finally comes to a halt before a Christmas tree standing high up the mountain. Colored balls and snowflakes shimmer the trees, and such ushers in the festive Christmas season that is imbued with warmth and good wishes.


  Kimberlite Diamond brings more joy into Christmas by launching the 2020 Christmas Sparkling Starseries.The design is inspired by shooting stars. The twinkling stars, which symbolize love and hope, are delicately intertwined with the dazzling diamonds. It adds a sense ceremony to Christmas while also being appropriate for daily wear.


  Now, join Santa on this dream journey, twinkling the sky with the Sparkling Star series.

The Crown Series II is now available at all major franchise stores/counters

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