2020 Kimberlite Diamond’s Gentlewoman Series


  The new Kimberlite Diamonds 2020 autumn and winter Gentlewoman series uses retro elements in a tribute to this beautiful era. With its dream-like air of mystery, it serves to enhance your own unique temperament. Just like a charming gentlewoman with a feminine touch, this offers an elegant and delicate appearance for a free and unrestrained heart.


  What is Gentlewoman? They are not only full of women's delicate thoughts and elegant taste, but also have the powerful heart and free and easy demeanor of men, and they can switch freely, whether they are elegant or ruffian.


  Gentlewoman has an elegant and delicate side, lace is used as an element to expresstheeleganceand romance of the new women.


  Gentlewoman has a feminine side, this ring delivers unique tenderness and radiance using fresh, bright flowers.


  Similarly, Gentlewoman also has a chic side, using tough architectural lines expresses the fashionable avant-garde style of modern young women.


  The Kimberlite Diamond Gentlewoman series is very suitable for modern urban women. It not only emphasizes freedom, highlights individuality, but also fully meets the needs of the occasion, and is practical and durable. Simple styles and diverse details help every woman become what she wants to be!

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