Kimberlite Diamond’s Sparkling Love Series


  Kimberlite Diamond’s Sparkling Love series wedding rings draw inspiration from iconic architectures such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Bridge of Sighs, and Saint Basil's Cathedral. The light and shadow of the architecture reflects the dazzling light of love and blossoming of happiness. The dynamic architectural lines are intertwined, condensing the beauty of these architectures’ curves between the fingers, paying tribute to your very own splendid love.

Dream Light

The bell rings exactly at midnight, and the beautiful dream of a wedding begins.


  Inspired by St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, the center tower is surrounded by high bases, like a fairy tale castle, which echoes the joy of lovers taking a fantastic journey together.

Romantic Light

Passion rises with the temperature, anticipating a romantic French kiss.



  Inspired by the surface textures and shapes of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, crafted with studded edges, small diamonds embellish the ring’s band, raising the texture in an exquisite fashion, while the towering ring setting highlights the beauty and luxury of the diamond, reflecting the sweet love shared between two people.

Sweet Light

With happiness and sweet fantasies in hand, fall into the river of love.



  Inspired by the vault and wall patterns of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The K gold lines are simple and clean, and encircle in an intimate embrace, symbolizing the closeness of lovers.

Aesthetic Light

Hand in hand on a gorgeous coastline, symbolizing a promise of beautiful love.



  The ring’s head is inspired by Aegean architecture, putting the feelings of exotic romance at your fingertips. The interlaced ring bands symbolize two people in love, who meet each other and enter the hall of marriage.

Eternal Light

The moment when the lips you love most touch yours is the moment time freezes forever.



  The hollow band design is the distilled essence of the Bridge of Sighs. Legends say that if lovers kiss under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, their love will last forever.

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