Kimberlite Diamond 2020 True Gift Summer Pendant Series


Dare to love with all your heart and release your inner nature.

Beauty is limitless, and shines from infinite facets.


  You can express yourself through youthful femininity or purity and charm; through elegance and allure, or strength and fearless will. No matter which of these sides shines through, all are unique and beautiful. They are each as singular as diamonds, gleaming from many different facets.

  Kimberlite Diamond’s new 2020 True Gift Summer Pendant series, with its theme of “Faces of Femininity”, uses brilliant diamonds to pay tribute to women’s unyielding, independent spirit and infinite diversity. We encourage women to explore their infinite possibilities, to pursue the farthest frontiers of knowledge and wisdom, and to dare to embrace their own boundless courage and absolute freedom.



  Use five pendants to show women's freshness, cuteness, playfulness, mystery, or elegant versatility, and encourage women to explore their infinite possibilities.



  The three customized models use four-leaf clover, ribbon and other shapes to create a light, free and colorful atmosphere, meaning that every woman is a dreamer on her own life.



  The two pendants use the elements of the sun and the moon. Wearing a chaser, every woman can be brave and fearless, and pursue happiness and beauty.

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