2020 Kimberlite Diamond "Guardian" Theme Collection


  The "Guardian" theme series of high jewelry aims to call attention to rare animals and protect endangered species. Combining animal images with diamonds is both a pure pursuit of nature and beauty, as well as a compliment to the beautiful qualities of the animals themselves. These extraordinary works of art speak for these precious, beautiful, and rare endangered animals, and conveys our beautiful hope of living in harmony with people and animals.

  The series is divided into three chapters: "Sky - Posture", "Water - Spirit" and "Earth - Perfect". It is inspired by rare and endangered animals such as red-crowned cranes, arowanas, whitefin dolphins, South China tigers, pangolins, and Tibetan antelopes, and captures representative elements of them through things such as wings, fins, and meandering figures. Here, these become a series of adorable, playful animal images that signify the steadfast spirit of the guardian through the eternal nature of diamonds.

Sky - Posture

  The "Sky - Posture" chapter is inspired by the skylark and the red-crowned crane. The skylark's call is beautiful and moving, and it flies with delicate grace. The red-crowned crane’s long form makes it an elegant and noble dancer in the sky. The light, graceful form of the jewelry depicts the purity and complex beauty of nature.


Leaping Skylark 

  The skylark is a symbol of joy, light, and beauty in the air. The designer sketched a male lark feeding a female lark using a freehand brushstroke. The background is the branch of an idesia polycarpa, while scattered diamonds form a cluster of fruit. Black cold enamel is used for feather detailing, imbuing the piece with life.

Water - Spirit

  Water is so passionate, joyous, and full of spirit... The "Water - Spirit" chapter examines at the creatures of the water - the arowana and the whitefin dolphin. The series depicts their beautiful images in diamonds in praise of the preciousness and beauty of life.


Dancing Together for the Rest of Our Lives

  Inspired by the Asian arowana, the designer uses the vivid shape of fins and fish tails to show the naturally soft body of the arowana, creating a joyful scene of fish swimming in the water, which expresses both the majesty of nature and a sense of carefree joy.

Earth - Perfect

  The "Earth - Perfect" chapter is inspired by several rare and endangered animals on land, such as the South China tiger, elephant, pangolin, panda, and Tibetan antelope. It is matched with diamonds to show the animals’ charm and bring out their extraordinary beauty.


 Ivory White Tower

  The elephant is the largest land animal in the world today. The designer, inspired by the Asian elephant, outlines the elegant lines of the elephant’s head. Both iconic features of the elephants, the nose and the fan-shaped ears, are portrayed gorgeously. Diamonds are used to replace the ivory tusks, highlighting the precious nature of ivory and expressing opposition to poaching and smuggling.


Roaring Tiger

  The tiger is the king of the forest, a symbol of justice, courage, and majesty. Inspired by the South China tiger, and using the wire drawing process, K yellow and black cold enamel vividly express the colorful patterns of the tiger's multi-coloured fur, and the outline of the South China Tiger's face is sketched with diamonds, providing a look of majesty and power.


Gold Pangolins

  The pangolin, the world’s most widely trafficked endangered species. Modeled on the pangolin's leaf-like scale armor, the interlocking pieces are layered on top of each other. The K gold color and wire drawing process complement each other, highlighting the hard, smooth, and bright characteristics of scale armor, and filling the piece with vitality and life. Beautiful and hard armor that safeguards its life shows the beauty of nature.

  2020 is the 25th anniversary of the Kimberley Diamond. It will focus on rare animals and endangered species, guard the lovely creatures in these wonderful natures, have extraordinary significance, guard the earth, we grow together!

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