Kimberlite Diamond’s New 2020 Essential Series Makes Dazzling Market Debut


Make romantic moments eternal

Make love last forever as a diamond

A tribute to pure, eternal love

  The 2020 True Gift series originates in the designer's relentless pursuit of simplicity, a "True Gift” which is a precious gift from heaven. A way to cherish the beautiful connections between people and pay tribute to the most primal emotions and energies; a way to restore the most pure and fundamental significance of diamonds and praise true love.


 Essential Series

Depart from the superficial, return to the true

  Time flies by, but your brightness still shines

  The Essential series implies that love begins with innocence and romance, and lasts forever. Simple lines outline the ring wall to set off the pinnacle of pure love - True Gift diamonds embody the classic moments and eternal beauty between lovers, and pay tribute to the simple, pure, yet true love.



Brilliant light defines a torrent of emotions. 

My love for you, as if by chance, was both fortune and destiny.



Stay true to yourself, maintain your true heart. 

Love is caring for and cherishing each other.



Soaked in love, go forward hand in hand. 

Accept and appreciate each other's imperfections.



The soul accompanies, the feelings linger. 

We embrace and whisper the attachment in our hearts.


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