Kimberlite Diamond High Jewelry Explore the Beauty of Nature


  At the dawning of spring, all of the creatures who slept soundly all winter long awaken to face the warmth of the sun. Drawing inspiration from natural elements such as leaves, flowers, clouds, and birds, Kimberlite Diamond High Jewelry has produced vivid tributes to the bounty of nature in luxurious and enchanting jewelry artworks. As each flower is a world unto its own, everything reflects the tastes and predilections of its wearer. With this in mind, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embracing nature.


The Circle of Life - Brooch

  This work draws on the process by which leaves to flourish and decay, and by which flowers re-germinate and boom, and signifies the return of leaves to the roots and the entire life cycle. The blades are inlaid with diamonds, which condense all the beauty of nature into a mere square inch, and symbolizes a new beginning.


Twisting Flower Path - Brooch


  "Twisting flower path winds along mountain ridges." The piece is modeled on the shape of vertical and horizontal mountain ridges, and depicts fresh flowers using resplendent diamonds, showing a light and elegant scenery to express the beautiful sentiment "may you grow and blossom all the way".


World in Bloom - Wristlet


  "Merely a quiet thought can make the world blossom." The work freezes the beautiful moments of flowers in bloom, making the flowers appear lifelike and enchanting. The diamonds laid between the petals stretch along the lines like dewdrops rolling away in the morning, symbolizing a love for nature and life.


Above the Clouds - Necklace

  The piece is inspired by the sea of clouds, and depicts the spectacular image of clouds and mountains. Its symmetrical design is both powerful and beautiful, has a magnificent momentum, and displays a stunning and unforgettable yellow and white contrast.


Dancing Phoenixes - Ring

  The phoenix is a symbol of good fortune and harmony. The work is inspired by phoenixes flying together. We selected the most graceful section of the phoenix tail feathers to place diamonds that flash with the brilliant charm of the spirit, conveying the sense of freedom that phoenixes find in beautiful mountains, rivers, and the wide sky.


Swan Goose - Brooch

  "One should climb the highest tower to see the geese who travel thousands of miles to deliver their down in autumn." The designer, impressed by the unrestrained freedom of geese soaring into the sky, depicts the smooth curves of the wild goose with minimalist lines, black and white contrasts, and a distant artistic conception.

  The growth of each flower and leaf, the meanderings of each bird and cloud, each is the apex of beauty. Immortalize the romance of a new spring in pristine diamond jewelry, and celebrate this natural journey.

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