New 2020 Crown Series Makes Dazzling Market Debut


Make romantic moments eternal

Make love last forever as a diamond

A tribute to pure, eternal love


  The 2020 True Gift series originates in the designer's relentless pursuit of simplicity, a "True Gift” which is a precious gift from heaven. A way to cherish the beautiful connections between people and pay tribute to the most primal emotions and energies; a way to restore the most pure and fundamental significance of diamonds and praise true love.

  Kimberlite Diamond’s New 2020 Crown Series Makes Dazzling Market Debut. The lace modeling made up of bead arrangement and dewdrop edge shows vitality and youth, and pays homage to the innocent and joyful girl's age. Unique line feeling shows the hardness and softness of women, salute the modern women who are confident and elegant.

Crown Series Ⅰ

Only Me, Independent, Unperturbed, Dazzled, Crown of Wonder and True Love.



Crown Series II

Unassuming, Undefinable; Accept No Labels, Break All Boundaries.



  Reveal the force of elegance through your true personality. The Kimberlite Diamond Crown series offers the perfect combination of both fun and elegance, and is possessed of a unique aesthetic and sentiment. The Crown series offers modern feminine designs that reflect its wearer’s personality and attitude. Kimberlite Diamond hopes to help every woman shine and to let her use her inner strength and determination to live the life she wants.

The Crown Series II is now available at all major franchise stores/counters.

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