As Society Fights the Epidemic, Kimberlite Diamond Goes Into Action


  In the face of the new corona epidemic, as a member of the first batch of Chinese Jewelry and Gemstone Industry organizations, and a Model Integrity Enterprise, Kimberlite Diamond is actively carrying out its corporate responsibilities to fully protect the health and safety of all employees. In accordance with the unified direction of local governments and companies, Kimberlite Diamond's more than 700 stores across the country have done a commendable job in store disinfection and the self-protection of front-line employees. We put employees' physical health and life safety first, and contribute to the community's fight against the epidemic.



  In our role as a highly recognized jewelry brand, Kimberlite Diamond has been presenting content with the theme of encouragement for Wuhan and for China as a whole on the bank of Shanghai's Huangpu River, in Pudong's new landmark Citigroup Tower, and at Pudong's largest subway interchange hub - Bailian Shiji Shopping Mall on Century Avenue, to strengthen society's confidence in fighting the epidemic.




  Kimberlite Diamond will continue to fulfill its corporate responsibilities, fulfill its social responsibilities, fully support epidemic prevention and control, and use the advantages of the brand's stores to provide more heartwarming services to customers in epidemic-stricken areas. Through staying united in adversity and facing dangers together, the will of Chinese people becomes a powerful force that will surely win the battle against this epidemic!

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