Kimberlite Diamond Valentine's Day Love In Action | My Love, My Opponent


  There is a kind of love which is an entrancing match between opponents, a sweet contest of strength, and an increasingly intense rivalry. What is the answer to finding the perfect love and marriage? Have you given the right answer to the question posed by love? Kimberlite Diamond invited the famous debater Ava on the U Can U Bibi show to explain the question of true love for couples.


  Focused around the core concept of “My Love, My Opponent” and the theme of topic interaction, the video portraying a unique attitude toward love + online H5 page interaction + the in-store “My Love, My Opponent” challenge integrate online and offline activities. Multi-platform publicity campaigns will be launched in succession to create topics, explore difficult questions in love, and pay tribute to the beauty of love. Kimberlite Diamond will launch content every month over the next year to create exclusive sweet scenarios for lovers.

  Do you want to show off your relationship on your social media?


Can I still have friends of the opposite sex after falling in love?


Are anniversaries really so important?


  The “Kimberlite Diamond Valentine's Day Love In Action” is underway! As long as your eyes tell you “he” or “she” is the “right person”, then in the name of love, make your lover your opponent!

Reward #1: Instantly win a "Destined Couple" diamond jewelry set (worth roughly 13,140 yuan)

From February 13-23, 2020, participants in the Kimberlite Diamond Valentine's Day "My Love, My Opponent" H5 page interaction, you will have the chance to enter an online drawing and win a "Destined Couple" diamond jewelry set worth 13,140 yuan.

Scan the QR code below or tap the link to test your talent!

H5 page link:


Reward #2: Square off to win the "Pampered with Love Gift Package" (worth about 52,000 yuan)

From February 13-23, 2020, when users visit the store to participate in the “My Love, My Gift Box” interactive challenge, they will have the chance to win a gift worth 52,000 yuan!


  The person you love must be the person you who makes you mad with love, which means Valentine's Day is never over. Join us, and square off for love!


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