Kimberlite Diamond Wins “YOUTURE Shining Ingenuitive Model Award” at YOUTURE Life Style Media Group Ceremony


  On January 6, celebrities and fashion notables gathered in Beijing to attend the YOUTURE Life Style Media Group Ceremony. On the invitation of the YOUTURE Life Style Media Group, Kimberlite Diamond made a dazzling appearance as the event’s exclusive jewelry brand!


The Life Style Ceremony’s Stunning Red Carpet

  In the highly anticipated red carpet segment, the female celebrities were beautiful, and male stars were chic and handsome. Kimberlite Diamond jewelry's high-end pieces added a touch of brilliance to the stars.

演员陈乔恩佩戴金伯利钻石The Knot 结系列耳饰、手镯,玉兰芳华戒指

▲ Actor Joe Chen in Kimberlite Diamond's “The Knot” series earrings, bracelets, and magnolia rings

演员李纯佩戴金伯利钻石The Knot 结系列耳饰、项链

▲ Actor Li Chun in Kimberlite Diamond's “The Knot” series earrings and necklace


▲ Singer Liu Yuning in Kimberlite Diamond's “Spring Morning” brooch


▲ Popular idol Wang Chenyi in Kimberlite Diamond's “Guardian of Love” brooch


▲ Singer Lian Huaiwei in Kimberlite Diamond's “Lucky Chopsticks” series ring, bracelet, necklace

YOUTURE Stage Turns Around the Milky Way

  The YOUTURE beat took over this explosive stage, and every performer delivered the light of confidence in the strength to turn everything around.


▲ Singer Liu Yuning in “Spring Morning” brooch

  Modern Brother's Liu Yuning sang his song "Going Against the World", charming the audience with its brisk, happy beat and its message of brimming self-confidence. As the lyrics to his song go, "I don't care what they say, I know I'm good"!


Classic Brand Represents Fine Craftsmanship

  Craftsmanship creates classics that are extraordinary throughout the ages. Through persistent pursuit of the meaning of "perfect, brilliant, and eternal" diamonds, Kimberlite Diamond has won the YOUTURE Shining Ingenuitive Model Award! The award commends the brand's unique craftsmanship, quality innovations, and excellence in the pursuit of creative style design. At the ceremony, Ms. Wang Jing, So Figaro's executive publisher, presented the grand prize to Mr. Wei Qinglin, vice president of the Kimberlite Diamond Group.

品牌典范 耀动匠心


▲ Mr. Wei Qinglin, Kimberlite Diamond Group vice president, received the award on behalf of the Group (first from right)

  As a diamond brand with both fresh and classic energy, Kimberlite Diamond will continue to push forward and be a leader in fashion! Come with us as we build a beautiful future filled with rich and diverse lifestyles.


▲ “YOUTURE Shining Ingenuitive Model Award” Trophy

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