Madame Figaro Fashion Festival Opens a New Era of Fashion


Kimberlite Diamond Named “2019 Fashion Pioneer Brand of the Year”

  Pioneering Styles Create a New Era on December 7th, many celebrities and leading lights of the fashion world gathered at the Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing to attend the Madame Figaro Fashion Festival, jointly hosted by the Lifestyle Media Group and Madame Figaro China. At the event, Kimberlite Diamond won the “2019 Fashion Style Pioneer Brand” award as a partnering jewelry brand. At the ceremony, Kimberlite Diamond’s jewelry elements shined, the joy of jewelry shone through, and every detail was perfectly coordinated, providing a new voice for the times.


Shining Stars and Brilliant Stones Take the Red Carpet

  This event has been rich in content and deeply exciting, presenting a stunning feast for both the eyes and ears. People from all walks of life gathered to attend the Madame Figaro Fashion Festival. A number of major stars made their appearance, including Yu Feihong, He Sui, Zheng Shuang, Lin Yun, Miao Miao, Qin Lan, Yuan Shanshan, Zheng Xiujing, Jang Yoo Huyk, and Huang Minghao, all showing their style on the red carpet to show their style and helping to immortalize this stellar moment. As the sole jewelry brand to partner with the 2019 Madame Figaro Fashion Festival, Kimberlite Diamond provided jewelry and diamonds to a number of stars participating in the ceremony, brightening this night of brand new fashions and styles.

  Actor Yuan Shanshan wore Kimberlite Diamond’s “Knot” series of high jewelry, brilliantly lighting up her ears and wrists and expressing a charming sense of elegance.


Yuan Shanshan wearing Kimberlite Diamond’s “Knot” series of high jewelry

  Actress Zhang Jiani wears a shimmering star-patterned sequined skirt with a set of Kimberlite Diamond “Endless Stream” earrings with a “Glittering Surface of Water” diamond bracelet, glimmering with the brilliance and warm light of an entire galaxy of stars.



Zhang Jiani wearing a pair of Kimberlite Diamond “Endless Stream” earrings and a “Glittering Surface of Water” bracelet

  Vento, a member of the boy band UNINE made his appearance in a black suit with a Kimberlite Diamond “Shimmering Light” brooch, emphasizing his handsome and chivalric temperament.


UNINE 管栎佩戴金伯利钻石“闪耀之光”胸针

Vento of UNINE bearing a Kimberlite Diamond “Shimmering Light” brooch

  Miao Miao attended in a pure-white dress together with a set of Kimberlite Diamond’s “Knot” series of high jewelry. It gave her a simple yet gorgeous appearance that was minimalistic, atmospheric, and timeless.



Miao Miao bedecked in the Kimberlite Diamond’s “Knot” series of high jewelry

  In addition, Liu Meitong, Wang Zhixuan, Renqing Namu, and many other popular young female celebrities came bedecked in carefully-matched sets of Kimberlite Diamondhigh jewelry. Their vitality gave the event a lovely breath of youthful air, greatly lightening the atmosphere.


Liu Meitong adorned in Kimberlite Diamond’s “Glazed Frost” high jewelry design


Wang Zhixuan wears Kimberlite Diamond’s “Round Heaven & Square Earth” earrings and “Palace” bracelet


Renqing Namu wears Kimberlite Diamond’s “Vale Orchids” high jewelry pattern

  Eye-catching diamonds, attention-grabbing celebrities: truly a first- class event!

A Style Pioneer and a Model Brand

  As a model jewelry bland that is both classic and modern, the Kimberlite Diamond Group sent Vice President Wei Qinglin as a representative to accept the 2019 Madame Figaro “Fashion Pioneer Brand of the Year” award trophy on behalf of the company. Kimberlite Diamond has built its formidable reputation as a brand through excellent design and the highest level of artistic pursuit, and has carried forth the genius and ingenuity of past aesthetic traditions and formed them into timeless fine jewelry art. Kimberlite Diamond’s designs have also demonstrated youthful vitality through a wide array of clever and creative ideas, constantly exploring the interaction and play between people and their jewelry, and the company’s unique attitude towards fashion has had a prominent impact on modern fashion and lifestyles.


Actor Yuan Shanshan presenting the award to Mr. Wei Qinglin, Vice President of the Kimberlite Diamond Group


Kimberlite Diamond’s “Fashion Pioneer Brand of the Year” Trophy

Helping the Public in the Name of Love

  Fashion & Charity Walking Hand in Hand; the Perfect Pairing of Strength & Responsibility. The Madame Figaro Fashion Festival is not only a major event in the fashion world, but also a charity event. Madame Figaro has joined hands with the WWF and the Poverty Alleviation Foundation to share the charitable contributions made by celebrities and non-profit organizations this year. For many years now, Kimberlite Diamond has actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities, actively participated in public welfare projects, and played and important leading role in targeted poverty alleviation and educational support.

Commitment to Innovation Makes for a Promising Future

  New Life Blooms Forth; Dreams Guide the Future. This year's Madame Figaro Fashion Festival has created a truly dazzling night in the midst of China’s capital this winter. Kimberlite Diamond and Madame Figaro have come together to explore the power of brands and the infinite potential of youth and look forward to a common future together. In this bright new world, legends continue to shine forth, and Kimberlite Diamond is here to guide you toward a brilliant new dream!

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