Kimberlite Diamond Makes Appearance at 2019 Shanghai Fashion Week


  On the evening of December 5th, the Shanghai China Jewelry & Watch Design Fashion Week 2019 (referred to as "Shanghai Jewelry & Watch Week") opened in the Peninsula Shanghai Hotel. This year's Jewelry & Watch Week attracted the leading lights and finest works of China's jewelry and watch industries this year, as well as bringing in internationally renowned brands to participate in review and exchange activities to observe releases and exhibitions.

  The theme of this year's Shanghai Jewelry & Watch Week is “Fusion”, expressing “the beauty of fusion: perfection, joy, and permanence.” Kimberlite Diamond provided a series of high jewelry designs for the show, and presented a visual feast to the guests through their ingenious expression and fusion of traditional Chinese culture and modern design concepts.


Industry Exchanges: Sharing Exquisite Works of Craftsmanship

  On the afternoon of December 5th, Kimberlite Diamond joined this elite international brand summit together with many first-tier globally renowned brands in the China region, including Harry Winston, Patek Philippe, and Chopard, as well as many leading domestic jewelry brands. Mr. Wei Qinglin, Vice President of Shanghai Kimberlite Diamond expressed his views on brand development and expectations for the market.

行业交流 分享精湛工艺

External Exhibition: Competitive Side-By-Side Displays

  Shanghai Jewelry & Watch Week’s external exhibition hall offered a refreshing visual and audio experience. Its simple and elegant design style greatly complemented the gorgeous and high jewelry designs on display, making for a temple of jewelry art. Kimberlite Diamond competed with other brands in the diamond industry together on the same stage, making for a truly splendid display.


Shanghai Jewelry & Watch Week’s External Exhibition Hall

Runway Show Displays Stunning New Trends


  Jewelry & Watch Week is also a platform for the release of brand information. To that end, December 5th, Kimberlite Diamond released a stunning array of superb luxury diamond jewelry, and their exquisite diamond inlaying techniques showed the marvelous quality of Chinese diamond jewelry and conveyed rising trends among Chinese jewelry and watches.

  Kimberlite Diamond hosted a major runway show for its new diamond jewelry designs, unveiling a full 12 sets of high jewelry expressing the essence of Chinese culture.

  “Endless Stream” draws inspiration from natural water formations, depicting flowing mountains and rivers to demonstrate the magnificence of rolling peaks and contrasting them with the graceful atmosphere of the sea.


Kimberlite Diamond’s “Endless Stream” high jewelry series

  ‘Ink Clouds of Cathay’ was inspired by the Eastern Jin Dynasty calligrapher Wang Xizhi’s masterpiece “Preface to the Orchid Pavilion”. The ‘Ink Clouds of Cathay’ series specifically designed as an homage to the art of Chinese calligraphy.


Kimberlite Diamond’s ‘Ink Clouds of Cathay’ high jewelry series

  The “Faint Zephyr” design expresses the deep meaning of China’s circular fan. The fan is split into eight sunflower petals, forms orchid shapes, and adds other elements such as butterflies and ocean waves, creating a harmonious and natural overall form.


Kimberlite Diamond’s “Faint Zephyr” high jewelry design

  “Overlooking the Forbidden” uses a top-down view of the Forbidden City to express the holistic and magnificent architectural aesthetic of the ancient palaces.


Kimberlite Diamond’s “Overlooking the Forbidden” high jewelry design

  “Scrolls of Mountains and Waters” depicts a marvelous landscape scroll of rolling hills and rivers, expressing the poem exhorting the reader to “walk until the waters end to watch the clouds rise” and reflecting on the expansive theme of “an infinite world.”


Kimberlite Diamond’s “Scroll of Mountains and Waters” high jewelry design

  “All Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix” uses a broad scattering of tiny diamonds to create a flock of a hundred birds surrounding a main diamond “phoenix”, creating a glorious demonstration of how many become one, reflecting the balance of yin and yang and the sublime beauty of unity of opposites.


Kimberlite Diamond’s “All Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix” high jewelry design

  The show began with the overwhelming “Light of the Earth” and closed with the graceful and elegant “Clad in Clouds”. Kimberlite Diamond’s senior designer Ms. Huang Wei and the featured models then concluded with a curtain call.


Kimberlite Diamond’s senior designer Ms. Huang Wei (left)

Award Granted to Recognize Leading Fashion Designs

  Ingenuity and patient craftsmanship applied over time is the only way to create extraordinary, truly classic works. This event also saw the issuance of the annual China Jewelry & Watch Brand Fashion Design Awards. Thanks to the company's integration of Chinese aesthetics and globally leading craftsmanship and quality, Kimberlite Diamond won the “Design Excellence Contribution Award in Chinese Diamond Jewelry.”

  Kimberlite Diamond has always focused on making R&D and design the company's sources of core competitiveness. In the future, Kimberlite Diamond will continue to adhere to the concepts of “quality, elegance, fashion, and art”, continue to express its Chinese heritage, and be a leader in fashion design.


Kimberlite Diamond’s “Design Excellence Contribution Award in Chinese Diamond Jewelry” trophy

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