Rising of Seasonality - Kimberlite Diamond Shines Strong in Hong Kong


  From the 18th to the 22nd of September, the Hong Kong Jewellery&Gem Fair was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, where Kimberlite Diamond showcased a resplendent series of high jewelry. The release of these works coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and paid tribute to the event by ingeniously integrating traditional Chinese cultural elements with modern design philosophies.

  This was the sixth time that Kimberlite Diamond was invited to attend the Hong Kong Jewellery Gem Fair, and this year’s theme was set as the“Rising of Seasonality”. This theme not only epitomizes the brilliance of Kimberlite’s“The Beauty of Seasonality”high jewelry series, but also reflects an attitude of forging ahead and facing the future head-on, and the high expectations that Kimberlite Diamond holds for the company’s bright future.


Kimberlite Diamond’s“Rising of Seasonality” High

Jewelry Appreciation Gala Dinner

New Interactive& Innovative Exhibition Hall

  For this year’s exhibition, Kimberlite Diamond has created a completely new open-style exhibition hall. The simple and elegant design style complements the gorgeous high jewelry on display. Walking through its immersive atmosphere is like a stroll through a palace filled with jewelry art.

  Even more eye-catching is this year’s addition of an interactive online mobile elementto the exhibition hall, which lets the screen of every visitor’s cell phone be filled with the brilliant sparkle ofhigh jewelry. This innovative,interactive style attracted a large crowd of attendees to scan the QR code and participate in the event.


Open exhibition hall


Crowds thronged the exhibition hall

Celebritieslend star power to support the event

  Kimberlite Diamond’s “Rising of Seasonality” High Jewelry Global Launch and Appreciation Gala Dinner was held in Hall 3F of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on the evening of September 20th. The Global Launch and Appreciation Gala Dinner was refreshing in both form and content, making it one of the most riveting features of the exhibition.

  Following the Fine Jewellery Legend show held in the Imperial Ancestral Temple and the Oriental Pearl Tower, this year, Kimberlite Diamond’s “Rising of Seasonality” High Jewelry Appreciation Gala Dinner invited Ms. Yang Lan to act as a guest hostess. While hosting the event, she wore Kimberlite’s exquisite diamond accessories, fully expressing her noble and elegant demeanor.


Ms. Yang Lanserving as a guest hostess of the Appreciation Gala Dinner

  That evening, the pure and beautiful voices of the a capella band New Vorld provided the gala with a natural and elegant opening, followed by a showing of the short filmDare to Love, which conveyed Kimberlite Diamond’s brand concepts of being “born for love and building a legacy of love“. This was followed by speeches given by Mr.Kellan Dong and Ms. Ma Ying, who expressed their expectations and wishes for Kimberlite Diamond’s Hong Kong exhibition.


New Vorld's acappella performance


Address by Mr. Kellan Dong, CEO of Kimberlite Diamond

And the Final Award Goes To?

  The soul of a diamond comes from its exquisite design. The 50-carat Global Design Language Selection Initiative was officially launched in February 2019, but as of the Hong Kong Gem &Jewellery Fair, the ultimate winner of the grand prize had yet to be announced. At the Appreciation Gala Dinner, Ms. Yin Hong served as the guest announcer unveiling the results, and announced the recipient of the Creative Award to be the unparalleled“Butterfly Lovers” by Wang Ziting. Wang’s work was of dazzling originality and glamour which dazzled the public.


The award was presented to the winner by Mr. Yu Junjian, 

President of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts along with Mr. Kellan Dong, CEO of Kimberlite Diamond

A Legendary Show Gleaming with Brilliance

  The beauty of the seasons is filled with new life as we turn towards the sun. On the evening of September 20th and the afternoon of September 21st, Kimberlite Diamond hosted two consecutive large-scale jewelry shows. These jewelry shows were separated into two chapters: “Seasonality • Wonderland“ and“Glistening • Rebirth”. The first chapter,“Seasonality • Wonderland”, was focused on“The Beauty of Seasonality”high jewelry series, taking its inspiration from the natural transformations of the traditional 24 solar terms of the Chinese calendar, expressing the endless magnificent beauty of nature and life.


“Seasonality • Wonderland”–Glazed Frost


Asian supermodel Wang Liya's“Goddess of the Moon” show at the climax of the “Seasonality • Wonderland” chapter


Encore display of the high jewelry of the “Seasonality • Wonderland” chapter

  Professional crafts manship, over time, becomes something extraordinary, and classical masterpieces undergo a constant cycle of legendary rebirth. The second chapter, “Glistening•Rebirth”, focused on the Kimberlite Diamond’s superbly artistic fine jewelry collections, which have been refined and honed over many years.The show conveyed Kimberlite Diamond’s pursuit of being an heir to works of great classical beauty, embracing modern trend, and aspiring for innovation.


“Glistening· Rebirth”—Endless Flow


“Glistening· Rebirth”–Auspicious Harmony


“Glistening· Rebirth”—Luminous Raiment


Asian supermodel Lin Jiaqi leads the display of the“Glistening· Rebirth”high jewelry series


A modeling display of 26 sets of high jewelry designs


Curtain call of Kimberlite Diamond’s top designers alongside the show’s models

Anniversary Celebration, Looking Towards a Promising Future

  The celebration included the sharing of a short film recording Kimberlite Diamond's artistic pursuits over more than 20 years of work at the forefront of the industry as well as the company’s future expectations. Like a skyscraper under construction, slowly rising to the heavens, Kimberlite’s technologies, talent, and innovation led the audience into anartistic world of time-honored heritage and professional expertise.

  This was followed by Ms. Ma Ying, Mr. Pang Dawei, Mr. Yu Junjian, Mr. Dong Liusheng, and Mr. Kellan Dong taking the stage to commence the grand opening of Kimberlite Diamond’s 25th anniversary celebration together with hostess Yang Lan.


Ms. Ma Ying, Mr. Pang Dawei, Mr. Yu Junjian, Ms. Yang Lan,

Mr. Dong Liusheng and Mr. Kellan Dong jointly launched the 25th anniversary celebration of Kimberlite Diamond


Group photo of VIP guests attending the opening ceremony

In addition to hosting the debut of the luxurious and stunning“Beauty of Seasonality” high jewelry line, the event saw the release of a series of delicate and ingenious commercial light luxury products. The event attracted a large crowd of leading fashion personalities, creating a sharp new look for the brand that is more popular with the youth of today.


“Knot”series popular among young consumers

From the Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show in March, to the Shanghai Jewellery Fair in May, to the Hong Kong Jewelry Gem Fair in September, the year of 2019 has once again witnessed the success of Kimberlite Diamond. We look forward to bringing offering surprises and innovations and to shining even stronger on Kimberlite Diamond’s 25th anniversary in 2020.

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