Kimberlite Diamond Exhibition Tour at Baselworld 2019


  From March 21st to March 26th, the Baselworld 2019 watch and jewelry fair was held in Basel, Switzerland. Since Kimberlite Diamond was first invited to attend in 2015, the company has now participated in this top international event for the industry for five consecutive years, and first entered Hall 1 in 2019. At this year’s Baselworld, Kimberlite Diamond's “Beauty of Seasonality” series of high jewelry made its global debut. Mr. Dong Bo, the President of Kimberlite Diamond Group, attended the event and gave a welcoming speech.


Bringing the Joy of High-Tech to the Exhibition Hall


  At this year’s Baselworld, Kimberlite Diamond offered an all-new diamond showroom with a youthful aesthetic that had been specially paired with the “Beauty of Seasonality” theme of its new high jewelry series. Kimberlite Diamond also brought advanced and interactive AR technologies into the exhibition hall, allowing all visitors to the Kimberlite Diamond Boutique Showroom at Baselworld to feel the sublime brilliance of masterpieces like the “Awakening Leaves”, offering a new and innovative way to enjoy and experience the event.





▲Stunning Debut of the “Beauty of Seasonality” High Jewelry Series


  In 2016, the “Twenty-Four Solar Terms” of China’s traditional agricultural calendar were officially included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Kimberlite Diamond’s “Beauty of Seasonality” series of high jewelry re-interprets the meaning of these traditional cultural concepts and means of organizing society and labor, exploring both the poetic meaning and practical lifestyle elements behind these terms through four thematic series of works: Spring Harmony, Summer Esprit, Autumn Harvest, and Winter Tranquility. These works have incorporated both national folk traditions and modern design, showcasing Kimberlite Diamond's impressive design and innovation capabilities, and serving as a celebration of the brand's 24th anniversary.







Wide Array of Creative Activities; Popular Guest Endorsement

  In addition to Kimberlite Diamond’s release of its high jewelry series and its specialized showroom, there were many other highlights of Kimberlite Diamond’s exhibition at this year’s Baselworld.

The first of these was there were the cocktail party and tea ceremony held for the visitors at the Kimberlite Diamond exhibition. Mr. Dong Bo, President of the Kimberlite Diamond Group, also delivered a speech at the event.




  This was followed by one of the most important innovations of this year’s exhibition: the opening of the newly established Jewelry Showroom, which was also held in Hall 1.2, where Kimberlite Diamond’s exhibition was also located. Hall 1.2 allowed visitors and guests to watch daily fashion shows, press conferences, and release events held by leading jewelry brands. During Baselworld, Kimberlite Diamond also hosted a daily diamond fashion show at the organizers’ showroom.





  Finally, this year’s Baselworld also saw popular Chinese singer Evan Lin (Lin Yanjun) visit the Kimberlite Diamond Showroom.




The Twin Blossoms of Domestic & International Brand Development

  2019 is a crucial year for the Kimberlite Diamond Group to accelerate its international development and continue developing its overseas market.


  Kimberlite Diamond’s 50-karat global design selection campaign, with the theme of “Foresight”, is now in full gear. This campaign has enticed many jewelry designers and hobbyists to participate, both from across China and around the world, and will further expand the brand’s pathway for international development.


  However, Kimberlite Diamond has also not forgotten its roots, and has kept its hands firmly on the reins of the domestic market. The company will be proud to participate in the Shanghai International Jewelry Fair in May, and this event will see the release of a great many new brilliant designs and gemstones from Kimberlite Diamond. 


  In the future, Kimberlite Diamond will continue to showcase its unique oriental aesthetic to the world through its original, beautiful, and exotic designs!

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