Returning to the True Heart to Foresee the Unknown | KDC International Diamond Jewelry Design Competition 2018 Comes to a Happy Close


The True Heart is one’s innermost emotions, 

and represents one’s purest desires,

Like a diamond, it is unbreakable, brilliant, and unyielding.

  The True Heart is capable of infinite creation. It is a pioneer exploring the infinite unknown, fearless and free from all limitations. It struggles through the abyss on a thousand sails lifted by faith and determination; never lost, it chooses to press ever onward through a lifelong path of ingenuity and exploration. It boldly pursues the deepest voices within itself, just as a diamond can be traced to its raw, natural state to find new perspectives, and experience a dazzling new world.


  After 4 months of preparation, the award ceremony for the True Heart Kimberlite Diamond Corporation (KDC) International Diamond Jewelry Design Competition 2018 was held on February 16th at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Kangqiao.



  Since the beginning of the contest in October 2018, Kimberlite Diamond has received nearly a thousand outstanding works from designers and design enthusiasts around the world.Although not all of the contestants were jewelry design specialists or professionals, this did not prevent these young people from chasing their dreams of becoming master designers and jewelers.


▲Speech given by Mr. Dong Bo, President of the Kimberlite Diamond Group

  The KDC International Diamond Jewelry Competition aims to promote and explore the enormous possibilities of jewelry design, and can be said to be a major event in the jewelry community. Even the finest creations must find a knowing eye and a helping hand to reach their full potential, and this year’s participants have undergone a long and arduous creative process dappled with bursts of inspiration, affirmed and tested by challenge after challenge, until ultimately presenting us with an enormous range of fine diamond artworks.

  After intense and rigorous examination of the pieces along the three aspects of Creativity, Aesthetics, and Theme, 35 individual designs stood out. At the ceremony, Kimberlite Diamond had a number of special guests attending the ceremony to present the awards to the winner.


▲Mr. Bi Lijun, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China

Presenting the Innovation Grand Prize for “First Glance”


▲Mr. Lin Qiang, Vice President of the Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, President of the Diamond Exchange, Vice Chairman of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses

Presenting the Fashion Grand Prize for “Rebirth”


▲Mr. Yang Mingxing, Dean of the Gemmological Institute of the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Presenting Excellence Awards for “Spreading Wings”, “Quiet Thoughts”, and “As a Fish to Water”

We shall return to our True Hearts, to forever protect our True Selves,

To Foresee the Unknown, and See the Unseen.

  The innovative 50-karat “Foresight”-themed Kimberlite Diamond design collection is now available to designers and design enthusiasts worldwide for your collection and enjoyment.


Click the picture to learn how to participate in the competition

  Through a comprehensive design process, Kimberlite Diamond has created a 50-karat masterpiece; an enormous diamond of the highest quality (51.71 karats, D color, FL clarity, brilliant, perfectly-shaped pear cut) to create a truly perfect work of art and realize Kimberlite Diamond’s pursuit of artistic perfection and aesthetic sublimity.


Award Structure

Innovation Grand Prize (1): 60,000 USD

Excellence Awards (4): 6,000 USD

Honorable Mentions (20): Certificate of honor and promotion of works in mainstream media


Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China

Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Shanghai Kimberlite Diamond Group Co., Ltd.



VO Art Union

Countless moments of pioneering creation through the unknown

gives us a single precious glimpse of art

and the same is true for diamonds.

Their preciousness comes from their rarity

and so they come to be purchased and appreciated.

We are grateful for each moment of creation

that allows us to anticipate all our next encounters.

As you gaze through this 50-karat diamond droplet,

do you see the unseen?

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