Kimberlite Diamond Group Successfully Concludes 2019 Annual Gala and Conference, “Honoring the Classics to Shape the Future”


  Another superb annual conference has come and gone again for Kimberlite Diamond, and was completed to great acclaim and on schedule, hosted together with the touching “Song of Kimberlite Diamond” performance. The 2018-2019 annual work conference for Kimberlite Diamond was held on February 10, 2019, under the theme of “Honoring the Classics to Shape the Future”. The atmosphere was warm and vibrant, and was held in a highly sumptuous and elegant setting.





  From the Jewelry of Legend Show at Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower, to the opening of Kimberlite Diamond’s resplendent flagship store on the Shanghai Bund, from the release of the “Sino-Song” on Baselworld to hot-sale “The Knot” collections, from passive exhibitions to the founding of the company’s Jewelry Academy, Kimberlite Diamond has shown steady and impressive growth.


  2018 was the first year of Kimberlite Diamond’s “Three-Year Transformation Strategy”. The company has set itself a new starting point, new strategy, and new business blueprints that will allow it to better follow emerging market trends and drive innovation. Kimberlite Diamond has been proud to follow this new path of corporate development and evolution, and has already made a number of stunning and inspirational achievements.


  Just as it says in the micro movie “Every Moment is Worth It”, if life is like a long river, then each moment of our life should be appreciated, just as each brilliant ray of sunlight bouncing off the waves is worthy of appreciation, and memories of these moments of beauty stay with us through the years. Every single karat of every Kimberlite diamond represents an eternity of priceless experience, and serves as a symbol of and witness to the deepest feelings of their wearers.


  2018 has been a year of great blessings for Kimberlite Diamond. Through twenty-four years of hard work and uphill struggles, our ceaseless pursuit of love and romance as expressed through our diamonds has allowed us to achieve our vision and begin a new stage of our journey in helping people express their love, desire, and commitment.


▲Mr. Yu Junjian, renowned Chinese actor, member of National Committee of the CPPCC, 

and president of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, issues Best Service Award to Kimberlite Diamond’s Shanghai Zhoupu Store


▲ Mr. Dong Bo, President of Kimberlite Diamond Group, issues Elite Salesmanship Award to Yan’an Store in Shaanxi.


▲ Ms. Jiang Yanyan, Executive Director of Kimberlite Diamond Group, issues Brand Pioneer Award to Yueyang Store in Hunan.



  The ceremony also attracted a number of guests to further appreciate Kimberlite Diamond’s sensational jewelry sets.


▲Performance by Ms. Yuan Chenxing, acclaimed soprano who sojourns in France and a longtime actor and singer at the Opéra National de Paris.






▲Leading young performers Yuan Nana and Du Yongzhen, and founder of the “Li School” old gentleman role in Henan Opera Mr. Li Shujian


▲Mr. Chen Jiapo, member of the Young Talent Studio of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Silver Medalist of the Golden Bell Awards, 

and winner of the Golden Peacock Award and the Dunhuang Award


▲Performance by Ms. Zhan Yang, runner-up of the 59th Miss World China Competition


▲Mr. Liu Hegang, acclaimed tenor, renowned actor, and member of the standing committee of the All-China Youth Federation

  The event was extremely lively, with constant interaction among the audience and an enormously diverse array of immersive and brilliant performances. Every moment from the opening of the doors to the closing ceremony was one of beauty and joy.

  In addition to the numerous and generous door prizes given out to the attendants, Kimberlite Diamond wished all of its guests and employees good fortune and blessings in the new year, and committed to continue struggling for new growth, opportunities, and glory throughout 2019. This, we believe, is exactly the right way to start off the new year.




  In 2018, Kimberlite Diamond opened a new pathway for its own strategic transformation, and this has provided the company with a completely new market outlook as well as significant progress and breakthroughs in a number of areas.


Ms. Chen Yijing, host of Kimberlite Diamond’s annual work conference

  In 2019, Kimberlite Diamond is taking a brand-new perspective to better embrace the future. The company will continue to exert its strengths, to further develop its current markets, and continue to expand its presence around the world. Kimberlite Diamond remains committed to the pursuit of quality, art, and craftsmanship, but will continue to closely follow the market, deeply engage consumers, and constantly innovate and change.


▲ Mr. Dong Liusheng, Chairman of the Kimberlite Diamond Group, and the Kimberlite Diamond Executive Management Team


▲ Mr. Dong Bo, President of Kimberlite Diamond Group


▲ Ms. Li Feichengcheng, Vice President of Kimberlite Diamond Group


▲Mr. Wei Qinglin, Vice President of Kimberlite Diamond Group


▲Ms. Lin Zichun, R&D Manager of Kimberlite Diamond Group

We are honoring the classics

so we can shape the future.

We never back down from a challenge,

and will never stop innovating.

Our future,

and your future, together with us,

is only beginning


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