The KDC 2018 International Diamond Jewelry Design Competition Begins!


    The Kimberlite Diamond Company’s KDC 2018 International Diamond Jewelry Design Competition is now accepting creative diamond designs from designers and design enthusiasts around the world. The theme for this year’s competition is “Keep Faith”, and is intended to promote the power of jewelry design, encourage jewelry design and creation, and spread unique modern jewelry design concepts. Through collecting the world’s most outstanding design ideas, we aim to locate creativity and artistic direction, seek out the most brilliant design ideas, and convey the most moving ideals of design. Tailoring the consummate piece of art for a diamond through impeccable design is highest realization of Kimberlite’s original intention, the pursuit of artistic perfection. 

    To “keep faith” is to remember your original intentions, your earliest dreams, which like diamonds, are invincible, enduring, and dazzling. To keep faith is to realize everything, to seek deeply for the unknown, and to struggle fearlessly to break barriers. It is to experience every trial and setback and yet never lose your confidence. Even more it is to devote a lifetime to the pursuit of craftsmanship. To boldly seek that which the deepest, most primal voice of your heart demands is akin to tracing diamonds back to their truest state, and then by seeing it from a new perspective, discovering a dazzling new world. Original purpose, sincerity, essence, freedom…with the wealth of design, determination of the heart, steadiness of the self, and the focus of persistence, artwork of carats with its own imperative and story can be created!

    If youarea design enthusiast or a fan of jewelry design, what would you create? Let your imagination run free, and envision your own version of “Keep Faith”! Do so, and you have the chance to win an award of 100,000 RMB and many other prizes.

    To learn more about the competition, visit Kimberlite’s official Face book or Instagram accounts.

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