Shining on North America | High Jewelry Craftsmanship Night


From melting icebergs to plane trees in the drizzle

From mountains, waters, flowers, and birds, to pines, water falls, streams, and brooks

Kimberlite Diamonds impressed Canada with originally designed Oriental jewelry art

An elegant and grand diamond show was ready for kick-off




    It has been another carnival for jewelry lovers in Vancouver,after the opening of Kimberlite Diamonds’ flagship store. Mr. Yu Shanjun, Commercial Counsellor of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver, Mr. Yu Junjian, Mr. Dong Liusheng, Mr. Dong Bo, Ms. Chen Yijing, and Ms. Linda Chung, a famous TVB actress and winner of Miss China, all appeared together.


TVB知名演员钟嘉欣佩戴Kimberlite Diamond 玉兰芳华

<Ms. Linda Chung, a famous TVB actress,wearing the Kimberlite Diamond Yulan Magnolia - Young and in Bloom>

    Mr. Dong Bo, President of the Kimberlite Diamonds Group spoke on behalf of theorganizers. He said that“Kimberlite Diamonds attachesgreat importance to entering the North American market. We hope that through this major show, North America and the world can clearly see the international vision of this brand.”


<Mr. Dong Bo, President of the Kimberlite Diamonds Group >


High-end jewelry pieces

Sparkling on models from home and overseas


Kimberlite Diamond 吉祥和合

<Kimberlite Diamond Auspiciousness and Harmony>

Kimberlite Diamond 玉兰芳华A

<Kimberlite Diamond Yulan Magnolia - Young and in BloomA>

Kimberlite Diamond 玉兰芳华B

<Kimberlite Diamond Yulan Magnolia - Young and in BloomB>

Kimberlite Diamond 大地之光

<Kimberlite Diamond Light on the Land>

Kimberlite Diamond 国色天香

<Kimberlite Diamond Exquisite Beauty>

    Each piece has a very high appreciation value, and Kimberlite Diamonds inherits unique Chinese cultural styles in terms of design, while blending modern aesthetics.

Kimberlite Diamond 湖光潋滟

<Kimberlite Diamond The Billowing Lake >

Kimberlite Diamond 渔舟唱晚

<Kimberlite Diamond Melody from the Fishman >

Kimberlite Diamond凝香风荷

<Kimberlite Diamond Fragrant Lotus>

Kimberlite Diamond风动荷香

<Kimberlite Diamond Blowing Lotus >

Kimberlite Diamond 月光女神

<Kimberlite Diamond The Moon Goddess>

Kimberlite Diamond 听·松

<Kimberlite Diamond Listen to the Pine Tree >

    In addition to thesegorgeous high-end jewelry pieces, brilliant performances also thrilledthe guests. Famous Chinese tenor Yu Junjian opened the show with Little Alamo.Wang Yifeng and Yin Xiumei, both famous sopranos, also appeared on stage and gave wonderful performances.


    This grand diamond show also providedan immersive try-on experience for jewelry lovers, allowing them to choose their favorite jewelry pieces and get truly inspired by the artistic creation behind the jewelries.


<Designers and models answer a curtain call>

Happy times fly

Craftsmanship shines on like diamonds

Starting from this point,

Kimberlite Diamonds will bring to you more magnificentdiamond art

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