Grand Opening of Kimberlite Diamonds Flagship Store in Vancouver


On July 6 Vancouver time,

Kimberlite Diamonds opened itsfirst flagship store in North America

on Granville Street in Vancouver, Canada.

This is the first flagship Kimberlite Diamonds store for the North American market.

It is also an important step in the development of Kimberlite Diamonds as a majorinternational brand.




    On the opening day, Mr. Dong Liusheng, Chairman of the Board of Kimberlite Diamonds, Mr. Dong Bo, President of the Kimberlite Diamonds Group, Ms. Chen Yijing, Head of Kimberlite Diamonds Canada, Ms. Zhu Wenjun, Chief Designer of Kimberlite Diamonds, together with many well-known Canadian media and Vancouver fashion celebrities, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


▲Mr. Dong Liusheng, Mr. Kellen Dong, Ms. Chen Yijing, and Ms. Zhu Wenjun in attendance

    Speaking on behalf of the Kimberlite Diamonds Group,President Dong said:“Kimberlite Diamonds is confident in the prospects of per capita consumption potential in the North American market, especially in Vancouver.


    “By opening the first flagship store in North America in Vancouver, Kimberlite Diamonds continues to fulfill its original purpose, and its pursuit of sharing itsenthusiasm in design aesthetics, so that local diamond consumershave more choices as they shop.”


▲Speech by President Dong

    Mr. Dong Liusheng, Mr. Dong Bo, Ms. Chen Yijing, and other VIPs cut the ribbon together, marking the official opening of the Kimberlite Diamonds flagship store in Vancouver.


    Attheceremony,the ultimate piece, “The Moon Goddess”, was placed on display. The 25-carat center diamond, D in color, LC in clarity, and 3EX in cut became a well-deserved “star”.


    In order for everyone to feel the charm of the jewelry creation close-up, Ms. Zhu Wenjun created the hand drawing“Drizzly Plane Tree”which has a magic and subtle connection toCanada, “the Land of the Maple”. The precious drawing was given to a lucky guestas a gift, symbolizing the long-lasting and prosperous friendship between Kimberlite Diamonds and Canada.


    The flagship store in Vancouvercombineselegance and style, embodying the perfectblend of Eastern and Western trends. The store’s layout is based on Kimberlite’s consistentgold and brown colors, and has a distinguished and elegant look.



    The store’s showcase displays Kimberlite Diamonds high-end jewelry and exquisite new diamond accessories. Guests are welcomedinto the store to try on and choose, and customizetheir own unique diamond art pieces, experiencing the brand’s elegance and high-end fashion.



 Come andvisit the store to learn more about thesefantastic products

Kimberlite Diamonds flagship store in Vancouver, Canada

Address: 2828 Granville Street

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