Diamond Sets Collection
Bracelets caressing the skin, hand in hand. Pendants hanging, feeling deep love inside, a diamond ring and an appreciation for life.
The Anniversary Knot Series
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The intertwining lines and the combination of diamond and light produce a complete and perfect piece of jewelry. This series uses a small claw-set technique to set round brilliant cut diamonds atop a rose gold “knot”, a testament to the mastery of the craftsmanship involved.
Infinity Gift
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The symbolA of "∞", representing infinite possibilities, continues to be adopted to the autumn and winter new arrivals in 2018 “Infinity” series. With the implication of “endless continuity”, love is embodied in the designs through craftsmanship, to tell the story of love and speaks the goodness through our festival gifts.
with you
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My only wish is with you!
Goddess of Light
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A Continuation of the “Moon Goddess” collection, bringing together style and design. A perfect blend of soft and sturdy, the beauty of a quick wit.
20th Anniversary Limitation
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To celebrate the 20thanniversary of the founding of the brand, the Kimberlite diamond features its "Brilliant Future" theme jewelry series to commemorate the success and prestige of Kimberlite’s first 20 years.
Chinese Calligraphy
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"Our Story" business version, "Chinese Calligraphy" series.
Moonlight on the Lotus Pond
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Moonlight as water, wind, light; leaves, and wisps of fragrance.
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Its thin body shape penetrates the snowy territory with a golden yellow. It welcomes spring with hundreds flowers and thousands of fragrances.
Dream Garden
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Dream-like beauty, dream-like wit, reveling in the gorgeous gardens, belonging only to you. Dreamy garden beauty, crystal diamonds with boundless elegance, flowing lines that are infinitely graceful.
The Milky Way
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the inspired works of art that are galaxies in the night sky. A diamond shining bright with exquisite mosaics, turned into a fantasy universe. Galaxies and dreams within the stars. Flashing, turning round and round, remembering every moment of my life.
Light of love
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Like a chain of light, love radiates such sparkling and eye-catching beauty. It is as pure and flexible as light pure as light. Love you, love radiance, and love like sunlight naturally flowing through life.
Dance of the flowers
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China's ancient medical wisdom on herbal mushrooms has inspired jewelry makers, as these mushrooms symbolize good luck,beauty, and longevity. They are the source of the fashionable bridal diamond jewelry set, bringing longevity to couples everywhere.

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