Kimberlite Diamond 27th anniversary, dedicated to writing a splendid chapter in history!


The Kimberlite Diamond brand takes its name from the igneous mineral kimberlite,nature’s most important source of diamonds.The company is headquartered in China’s fashion capital of Shanghai,and it is an early professional brand company focusing on diamonds in China. Since the founding of Kimberlite Diamond in 1995,a new legend arisen in the diamond industry. Kimberlite Diamond leads the field of diamond fashion and constantly pushes its boundaries,awakening and speaking to people’s most genuine feeling and desires,and immortalizing sotries of everlasting beauty and love.The Kimberlite Diamond sales network covers nearly 700 stores across China and around the world,leading the Chinese diamond industry and constantly shaping new artistic legends.

This year, Kimberlite Diamond will host a grand celebration for its 27th birthday. Kimberlite Diamond has always been focused on the field of diamonds, and strives to make real the brand concept of "Precious and Rare One in Ten Million" through high-quality diamonds and excellent service, and has created one artistic classic after another.


▲Kimberlite Diamond’s headquarters building

In 2021, Kimberlite Diamond signed powerhouse actor and "national male idol" Eddie Peng as the brand's first spokesperson, demonstrating our "high-end & excellent" brand image with a pioneering spirit.


▲Kimberlite Diamond’s brand spokesperson Eddie Peng


▲ "Charisma" series Pioneer ring

The spokesperson series launched by Kimberlite Diamond at the same time won wide acclaim in the market due to their detailed craftsmanship and innovative design, such as "Charisma - Pioneer", "Flora", "V Beauty", and "The Knot". These and other series of high-quality products have become the season's best-selling products.


▲ "Perfect Bride" diamond ring


▲ "Pigeon Egg" diamond ring

Product design and craftsmanship has also benefited from information technology and technological methods, advanced R&D and design software, and the popular use of CNC, enamel, enamel painting, baked painting, and other processes and techniques. These have greatly improved everything from product appearance to color workmanship. As of 2021, Kimberlite Diamond has nearly 200 independent design patents. In recent years, Kimberlite Diamond has continuously worked to improve awareness of intellectual property protection, and the number of design patent and trademark applications has increased year by year.



▲R&D process

Seeking breakthroughs in design and craftsmanship is inevitably a long process. For the 27th anniversary of Kimberlite Diamond, spokesperson Eddie Peng joins hands with us as we enter a new year. Our journey with our spokesperson will not stop, just like Kimberlite Diamond's pursuit of advanced craftsmanship in diamonds.

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